In Spite of All, We Still Bring Christmas to the World


This year, Christmas in Bethlehem will have a new and different flavor. Although the political situation continues to deteriorate and unrest is on the rise, this Christmas is exclusively dedicated to our children – the children of Palestine delivering messages of peace, joy, and justice to the whole world. For the first time in Palestine, the story of the nativity will take on a new dimension and, during the entire month of December, a Christmas parade consisting of seven floats with more than thirty-five performers on board will roam the streets of Bethlehem, Beit Jala, and Beit Sahour narrating the story of Mary and Joseph and their journey from Nazareth to the holy city.

The parade will showcase all the characters involved in the 2000-year-old story: from the three wise men to the shepherds, the camels, the donkey, the angel, Mary and Joseph, and of course baby Jesus, the super star of the event! Other fun characters include Santa Claus and his reindeer-pulled sleigh, the famous elves, marching clowns, and toy soldiers, all surrounded by a Christmas tree, gifts, fascinating lights, ornaments, a snowman, Christmas candy canes, a gingerbread house, and the whole Christmas shebang. To top it all up, one of the floats will feature different Christmas songs and carols played with special light effects. Every time the parade tours the cities, holiday treats branded with messages of peace and humanity will be distributed to the children and audiences in the streets.

Many of our children have dreamt about this Christmas fantasia, and this year, different stakeholders from the Palestinian private sector will bring their dream into reality: Palestinian children will be rockin’ around this exceptional masterpiece.



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