The settlers are a tool for the occupying power to pressure Muslim and Christian Palestinians toleave Jerusalem.

His Excellency Minister Dr. Ramzi Khoury, President of the Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine, condemned the attack of the Israeli settlers on the Romanian Church in Jerusalem, which is the fourth attack against the monastery in less than a month. “The continuous attacks on Islamic and Christian holy sites, whether in Jerusalem or Hebron by Israeli settlers, are a clear evidence of a systematic and collective actions to empty Jerusalem of its indigenous Muslim and Christian citizens, to Judaize and establish the vision of the great Jewish Jerusalem, which the Israeli apartheid government has been seeking for years.

“What is the role of the international community today and why is the International Criminal Court and the United Nations watching silently the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, while the occupying power continues to violate all international agreements that guarantee freedom of worship and criminalize attacks on holy sites.”

Dr. Khoury stated “You have burned Al-Aqsa Mosque years ago, continuously violate the sanctity of its compound and assault the worshipers, you have closed down the Holy Sepulcher church and attacked the priests in front of the church square. The Holy city of Jerusalem is ours with its Mosques and Churches, we will never hesitate to protect it and protect our deep-rooted existence, we will not remain silent and we shall never leave”.

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