Church frets reject trump’s Middle East plan

Geneva (EPD). The World Church Council and the Lutheran World Confederation (LWB) criticize the middle east plan presented by the us government. The plan is not a real, sustainable and fair solution, but an ultimatum, declared the Secretary General World Church Council, olav fykse tveit, on Wednesday in Geneva. He urged other states governments not to agree with the concept.

The us plan was drawn up without the participation of the Palestinians concerned, and it would pursue Israel’s requirements. The aim of a middle eastern peace process must be a fair two-State solution that includes a viable and independent state of Palestine.

The Lutheran World Confederation declared that peace could never be imposed unilaterally. LWB PRESIDENT PANTIFILIBUS MUSA AND LWB Secretary General Martin Junge stressed that sustainable peace comes from respectful dialogue, negotiations and cooperation between the parties to conflict.

Us President Donald Trump had presented his long announced plan for a peace between Israelis and Palestinians on Tuesday. According to trump, both sides would benefit from the proposal. Although it provides for a two-State Solution, according to experts, the plan abandons the long-planned goal of a full-fledged Palestinian State. Among other things, there is also a disarmament of Palestinians. The Palestinian leadership immediately rejected the us proposal.

The Lutheran World Confederation declared that the plan ignores fundamental principles of international law, human rights and statements by the un general assembly and the un security council. This will take a dangerous path for the future.

The lwb called on the community of states to continue to promote respect for international laws, multilateral cooperation and negotiations. This is the only way to secure and a lasting peace. In addition, the lwb demanded immediate measures to end humanitarian suffering in the West Bank and Gaza strip.

The around 150 members churches of the Lutheran World Federation were called to pray for peace in the holy land and to support appropriate negotiations. The Lwb was founded in 1947 He owns more than 75,5 million Christians. The World Church Council, founded in 1948, 350 churches are united, representing more than 500 million believers.

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