Nakba: Displacement and Dispossession of an Entire Nation – Focus on Palestinian Christians

The Nakba, or catastrophe, is a story of the displacement and dispossession of an entire nation.

Marked by Palestinians throughout the world every May 15th, the Nakba represents a historic injustice, where approximately 800,000 Palestinians, or 67% of the Palestinian people by 1948, became refugees and approximately 418 Palestinian villages were depopulated and/or destroyed.

The process of displacement of Palestinian population, which began with the Nakba, has continued to this day.

This year, the Nakba commemoration comes at the same time that Palestine awaits the visit of H.H. Pope Francis. As H.H. arrives in Palestine, thousands of Palestinian Christians will be marking the beginning of their exile. Palestinian Christians, around 12% of the population of Palestine by 1948, were devastated by the Nakba, as entire communities were expelled from their historic homeland.

To this day, Israel has yet to recognize its responsibility for the role it played in the creations and perpetuation of the Nakba.

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