Israeli aggression and collective punishment of the Palestinian People

Letters sent to Secretary-General, President of Security Council, & President of General Assembly

30 June 2014 – Israeli aggression and collective punishment of the Palestinian People

Excellency, I regret to inform you that Israel is escalating its military assaults and human rights violations against the Palestinian people throughout the Occupied State of Palestine.  In the past several days, air strikes and excessive force by the occupying Power have caused death and injury to more Palestinian civilians, including children, especially in the […]

23 June 2013 – Letter from H.E. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine to H.E. Secretary-General of the United Nations on Israeli violations in the OPT

Excellency,    I write concerning the large-scale offensive assault launched by Israel, the occupying Power, against Palestinian civilians across the occupied West Bank. Since three settlers, illegally transferred by the occupying Power to the Occupied Palestinian Territory, went missing on 13 June 2014, the occupying Power has taken the Palestinian population hostage. For over a […]

20 June 2014 – Continuation and Escalation of Israeli Violations

Excellency, The situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, continues to deteriorate and tensions continue to rise as a result of provocations and illegal actions by Israel, the occupying Power, against the Palestinian people.  Of grave concern in particular at this time is the precarious condition of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and […]

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